Beviado Application

for the development, sharing and evaluation of psychological interventions

on mobile devices

Beviado Application has been designed to be compatible with the two most popular mobile operation systems: Android and iOS.
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Beviado is an innovative,
Polish application

The Beviado System is an innovative Polish solution, which meets the needs of the growing global market for psychological interventions that employ new technologies. The Beviado System provides an opportunity to develop services, based on psychological interventions (e.g. therapeutic services, consulting, coaching, education and training) and allows therapists, psychologists, and business trainers to access a convenient platform for delivering their services to individual users (clients or patients).

The Beviado System comprises the following elements:

  • Content Management System (CMS) that enables specialist to create psychological interventions (without programming skills);
  • Mobile application for providing psychological interventions on the most popular mobile platforms, including Android and iOS as well as another version of the application for interactive webpages;
  • Psychological intervention evaluation system that ensures that the ethical, quality and the effectiveness requirements of the psychological interventions are met.

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  • Have access to a large group of patients/clients;
  • Have access to a simple and user-friendly tool to grow their practice;
  • Have access to a tool that supports therapeutic, training, coaching and educational process;
  • Can shape relations with their clients and can gradually build up the intensity and the character of the relations with the use of new technologies.
  • Have access to a library of mobile psychological services
  • Have an opportunity for development, a change of attitude, receive help in coping with difficulties, etc.;
  • Can easily access the interventions in any place and at any time;
  • Have access to a wide choice of interventions that can be tailored according to their needs;
  • Quality - proven interventions and verified authors of the interventions;
  • Confidentiality and anonymity;
  • Cost effective support.
  • Opportunity to create training or support modules for their clients, using the Beviado intervention library;
  • Development of interventions tailor made for their clients;
  • Opportunity to enrich and expand their current offer;
  • Improved effectiveness of their activities with lower prime costs;
  • Competitive advantage.

June 21, 2016

Researchers have signed a cooperation agreement
with Norbsoft

Results of research conducted by researchers from StresLab will help to develop an innovative mobile application for providing online psychological interventions.

SWPS University signed a cooperation agreement with Norbsoft to implement results of the research project focused on the Design, Evaluation and Sharing of Mobile Psychological Interventions (DESMoPsI).

Team Beviado
SWPS University - subject matter experts
Professor Roman Cieślak, Rector of SWPS University - Head of the Project
Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at SWPS University in Warsaw and Senior Research Associate at the Trauma, Health, and Hazards Center at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, in the United States. His research interests include professional stress and burnout and traumatic events. He also specializes in the development and evaluation of the effectiveness of online psychological interventions.
Krzysztof Rzeńca - psychologist, Project Manager
Researcher at the Faculty of Psychology and the Business Engagement Center at SWPS University in Warsaw. Graduated from the Warsaw School of Social Psychology (currently SWPS University of Humanities and Social Sciences). His research interests focus on the implementation of new technologies in psychology, especially in education and online psychological applications. He specializes in mHealth and e-Mental Health.
Agata Kozłowska – psychologist
Lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology at SWPS University in Warsaw. Graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Her research interests include online psychological interventions and processes of emotional self-regulation. She also specializes in the development of tools for psychological evaluation.
Norbsoft Sp. z o.o. – Technology Partner
Tomasz Witt – President
Entrepreneur who has been working in the mobile industry since 2001, specializing in mobile applications. Founder and President of Norbsoft (as well as Norbsoft, app2you, and Norbsoft Mobile in Canada) that have been developing innovative solutions for mobile applications (close to 200 projects), since 2003. Graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Gdańsk. Former lecturer at the professional education and training department of the Faculty of Information Technology at the Bialystok University of Technology. Enthusiast of car racing.